why maymon

To realize our aims and fulfill our mission, we are committed to:
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    Offering curated, fresh produce sourced from the farm with thorough testing on the irrigation water used.
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    A temperature controlled fleet that transports the produce straight to your doorstep.
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    A next generation facility where the highest quality standards are implemented
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    A seamless ordering process through our omni-channel stores
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    A dedicated team of customer support specialists to answer your concerns between 10am and 10pm
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    Offer you the right to reclaim the cost of any product that doesn’t meet your satisfaction
Food Safety Regulations
We comply with the best international standards to ensure the safety of our products, from its harvest to its final destination. We also conduct all necessary lab tests for water used in irrigation before entering into a contract with any farmer, as well as conducting many laboratory tests in accredited laboratories to ensure the safety of our food from any harm or adverse effects.
We apply strict standards in our facilities and staff to guarantee that the place is clean and well suited to receive crops and food products.
Quality Systems
When selecting agricultural crops and food products, we always apply high-quality standards to pick the best crops, classify it and assure its sanitation. Our sincere attentiveness to quality and care for our customers urge us to taste and examine the quality of our crops before packaging it.
We also use the best and most suitable materials for packaging our products.
Our Fleet
We have put together an integrated fleet of refrigerated vehicles to transport crops from farms to you, where the temperature is monitored and regularly checked through its journey to assure its compliance with our strict quality and safety measures across all of our logistics operations.
Our Facilities
We always push through limits to meet the highest food safety standards. In attaining such aim, we have supplied many facilities with all necessary tools and equipment.
Shortly after harvesting, the crop is moved to packaging centers, to sort and grade fresh produce according to their quality and ripeness. At this stage, the best and finest produce are hand-picked to be sent to refrigerated warehouses centers. All these measures encompass a sole aim, to provide you with a perfect product made with love and care.
Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is just a call away to provide live updates on your order.